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A Tribute to Gary Hughes

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Directed and Produced by Molly Secours.

Co-Produced by Wade Boggs.

And Produced by A Really Good Home’s Andy Fraser.

Scouting for Diamonds is a feature-length documentary film about the invisible heroes of baseball: the scouts. It’s about the men (and women) who are blessed and cursed by an unwavering commitment to their first love: baseball.

In the film we meet dozens of men and women who have given their lives to the game in search of that ‘next great player.’ Told from the perspective of legendary players and the scouts who discovered them, the film reaches into their hearts, and ours, as we learn what scouts see in players that no one else can. And it is about the ‘art of scouting’ and an era of scouting that is, perhaps facing extinction.


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d be directing & producing a feature documentary film about baseball scouts. Ever. Up until now most of my work has been in the non-profit world of social justice advocating for the ‘underdog’. And after hearing about a guy named George Digby, a Boston Red Sox scout who signed dozens of great players including Hall Of Famer, Wade Boggs, I realized there were hundreds–if not thousands–of scouts who have devoted their lives to combing the bushes in search of that ‘next great player’.

Not long after meeting Wade, Super Scout Gary Hughes stepped up to the plate and that’s when things really started to take off. It seemed with Gary Hughes on our team, everyone in Major League Baseball cheered us on.  Never daunted by the relentless obstacles of independent filmmaking (and there are plenty) Gary repeatedly urged me to ‘keep swinging’ in that G Hughes way. It was like having our very own superhero on speed dial.  Over 5 1/2 years and 140 interviews later we are close to completion but sadly, for all of us Gary opted for a skybox to watch the final inning.

And while this film couldn’t possibly have ever happened without him, it is now dedicated to him. Read more about Gary here.

Prior to his death, Hughes enlisted the support of numerous baseball executives like Dave Dombrowski, Billy Beane, Clint Hurdle, Theo Epstein,  Dayton Moore, Joe Maddon, and friends, including film and TV actors Brian Doyle Murray and Bill Murray who are both lifelong Chicago Cubs fans. Everyone seemed to agree that a ground-breaking movie about legendary scouts was necessary.

Like many films, “Scouting for Diamonds” experienced some unexpected delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic but we have every intention of releasing the film in 2021. And while we are all still reeling from the sadness of Gary’s departure, the heavens smiled upon us once again. Independent film producers Andy Fraser & Katie Politanoff of A Really Good Home Pictures recently became fans of the project and have stepped up to the plate to oversee the completion of the film. See Gary, we are still swinging!

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